Monday, November 25, 2013

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's Corageous Speech in Support of Social Security

As a Social Security Disability lawyer who represents claimants in Massachusetts, I am honored to count on a U.S. Senator who is not afraid to support Social Security.  At a time when Social Security is coming under attack, Senator Elizabeth Warren has taken the courageous step of pushing for an expansion of benefits.   
"Social Security works -no one runs out of benefits and the payments don't rise and fall with the stock market,"  Warren said in a speech at the Senate floor.  Warren was particularly brave in that she not only criticised conservative voices such as the Washington Post, but she was also critical of President Obama's plan to change the way that Social Security benefits are calculated by tying them to a different gauge of inflation known as the chained CPI.  The Senator said that using this type of measurement would not keep pace at which the beneficiaries' cost of living.
This defense of Social Security by Senator Warren is much needed at a time when many conservatives voices in Washington are pushing to cut Social Security programs, including Social Security Disability.  Senator Warren is not alone in her fight: Senator Harkin from Iowa, Senator Begich from Alaska and Senator Sanders from Vermont have been working to introduce legislation that would expand this vital program. 
Thank you Senator Warren for fighting to expand Social Security!