Monday, December 30, 2013

Social Security Disability Calculators: How to Find Out Your SSI/SSDI Benefit Amount

As a Social Security Disability Lawyer my job is to prove that my clients are found "disabled" under the Social Security Disability rules.  This process involves a great deal of work dealing mostly with medical and vocational issues.  I rarely get to calculate the specific amounts that my clients will receive.  For the most part, mathematical calculations are beyond the scope of what I do.  However, very often clients ask me how they can find out what amount their disability benefit will be if their cases are granted.  In response to this frequent question, I will like to post some links to some very useful calculators, available online, that can help disability claimant's estimate their benefits.     
The first link is an SSI/SSDI Calculator App available at Google's Play Store.  You can download this App into your phone totally free of charge:
I find that this App is particularly useful when you are trying to determine how much money will be taken from your SSI payments if you receive earnings from part time work.  By using this App, you can make an analysis of how you will end up financially if you decide to take apart time job.  Download the App, use it, play with it, and let me know how it works for you.
In addition to this phone App, the Social Security Administration has several calculators in its webpage that can help claimants determine their benefit amounts:

Note that the SSA has more than one calculator available.  There are different calculators for different types of Social Security benefits.  This variety of calculators is particularly useful for older claimants who are planning their disability benefits in conjunction with their retirement.  This way they can calculate disability benefits and retirement benefits for their spouses.
Hopefully my readers will find these electronic gadgets useful.  Please let me know how well these calculators work for you.