Monday, June 23, 2014

President Obama Nominates Colvin as Commissioner of Social Security

 Last Friday, President Barack Obama nominated Carolyn W. Colvin as Commissioner of the Social Security Administration.  Colvin had been acting commissioner since February 2013 when Commissioner Michael Astrue's term ended.   
The nomination comes at a time when the Social Security Administration is facing a long standing backlog, loss of positions due to attrition and the closing of dozens of field offices across the country. 
I expect the confirmation process to be contentious.  I'm sure that the confirmation debate will be accompanied by a barrage of misleading accusations made by those on Capitol Hill who would like to reduce Social Security.  Social Security's problems can be saved, in its present form, if the correct actions are taken.  The looming crisis had been anticipated for many years and its the result of the Nation's demographic changes, not of the particular actions or policies of any particular administration.
"I am grateful for Carolyn's past service in various roles at the Social Security Administration, and I am confident that she will serve the American people well in her new role," the president said in a statement Friday.  "I look forward to working with her in the months and years to come."
Colvin is Obama's first nominee to run the SSA.  Her predecessor, Michael Astrue, was nominated by President George Bush.  If Colvin is confirmed by the U.S. Senate her six year term will run into the next administration.