Monday, May 19, 2014

20 Things That Will Kill Your Disability Claim

Here is a list of things that will cause your claim to be denied.  Please read and understand this list carefully before you complete a "Function Report" or attend a Social Security Disability hearing.  If you have a problem with any items on this list, you might end up loosing your case.  I'm sorry to be so harsh but if you are doing any of the things mentioned below, you need to have a serious conversation with your Social Security Disability Lawyer.  Keep in mind that anything that you say to your lawyer is protected by the attorney-client privilege.  However, statements made by you to Social Security can and will be used against you.  Moreover, statements made by you to your doctor will be recorded in the medical record and will eventually end up as evidence in your case.

Obtaining disability benefits is getting harder every day.  Denials are up in every stage of the disability process.  Please read this list carefully and make an honest assessment of your particular situation.  Here it is:

1. Taking care of others: children, elderly or disabled
2.  Going on vacation
3.  Not taking your medication or not following prescribed treatment
4.  Missing doctor's appointments
5.  Using drugs and/or alcohol (with the exception of a very occasional drink or two)
6.  Saying silly things at doctor's appointments or things that contradict your claim
7.  Working a semiskilled or skilled job even when its part-time and it pays less than $1040 a month
8.  Working a light, medium or heavy duty job even when its part-time and it pays less than $1040 a month
9.   Doing Yard Work
10.  Preparing complex meals (meals than take more than 10 minutes to prepare)
11.  Doing any significant amount of chores at home (more than 20 minutes a day)
12.  Driving trips longer than 10-15 minutes
13.  Going shopping alone on a regular basis
14.  Not answering your phone
15.  Missing a Consultative Evaluation without a good reason
16.  Not being able to give to the point, short, straight answers to Social Security, the judge, your lawyer or your Doctors
17.  Purposely giving the wrong answer in an IQ test
18.  Making little effort in a physical evaluation
19.  Not remembering anything about your previous jobs
20.  Making false statements of any kind