Monday, December 8, 2014

Nazis Can't Collect Social Security... Anymore

Did you know that, Jakob Denzinger, a 90 year former Auschwitz guard who later became an American citizen, collects approximately $1,500 per month in Social Security payments. Denzinger has renounced his American citizenship and no longer lives in the U.S.  However, he still gets his monthly check.
After it was discovered this past October that dozens of Nazis who have been forced out of the United States are still collecting Social Security, Congress unanimously passed a bill a few weeks ago terminating benefits for these war criminals. 
Even though these Nazis had lost their U.S. Citizenship, under current law benefits can not be stopped.  In order to be able to stop benefits, a higher threshold is required: there must be a final order of deportation against the Social Security recipient.  Now, if the bill passed by Congress becomes law, benefits would be stopped immediately.
According to Forbes magazine, Social Security payments to Nazis could have reached millions.  It is estimated that as of 1999 at least $1.5 million in benefits had been paid.  The lighter side of this story is that at least members of Congress were finally able to unanimously agree on a piece of legislation related to Social Security.      
Since we all need some humor to get through the Social Security Disability process, here is a report from Stephen Colbert on this subject: