Monday, October 10, 2016

GOP's Budget Cuts are Killing Social Security

In anticipation of the upcoming presidential election, I urge all of my readers to watch the video below.  Americans who have had to stop working due to a severe disability are being subject to unprecedented hardships as a result of the actions of Republicans in Congress.  As a Social Security Disability Lawyer, I receive calls practically on a weekly basis from persons who are about to go homeless or have ended up in shelters while waiting for their cases to be heard.  I spend a great deal of time explaining the current crisis to callers.  Few of them seem to understand the true cause of this problem or realize that this crisis is not unique to them.  Fortunately, the video and the article cited below will help me back up some the comments and explanations that I give to clients regarding the critical state of affairs at the SSA.

If Social Security Disability matters to you, please watch and the video and read the article below before you vote.  

I encourage everyone to read the wonderful piece written by Nancy Altman, Founder and Co-director of Social Security Works: Slowly Killing Social Security: Death By A Thousand Cuts