Monday, October 31, 2016

How to Get Your Social Security Statement

Most clients expect their Social Security Disability Lawyers to know the amount of the monthly benefit that they will receive if their cases are won.  Unfortunately, getting to know this amount can be a difficult process. Moreover, in the vast majority cases, the amount of the monthly check is a secondary concern for the attorney.  
Calculations used to figure out the monthly amount are quite complicated.  I often find out the estimated monthly amount once I get the client's electronic file through the electronic file system (ERE) used by the SSA.  If you do not want to wait until your lawyer gets access to your file through the ERE to find out the monthly amount, can can get this figure by creating your own electronic account with the Social Security Administration.  
Social Security Disability Lawyers are not allowed to create these accounts and obtain statements on behalf of their clients.  Clients must set up this account on their own.  In fact, it is illegal for us to set up these accounts for others. 
To set up your own account and get access to you estimated benefit, you must visit:  You need to have your own email address and create a secure username and password.