Monday, November 21, 2016

Anti Social Security Activists Part of the Trump Transition Team

During the past hours it has become evident that Donald Trump is about to break his campaign promises regarding Social Security.  Generally, it has been assumed that Trump was far more supportive of Social Security than most Republicans in Congress.  Now, it is evident that the right wing of the Republican party which favors major cuts in Social Security has taken control over the Trump transition team and is influencing the way that the Social Security Administration (SSA) will be run in the next four years. 
During the presidential campaign Donald Trump promised to protect Social Security and repeatedly stated that, if elected, he would not make any changes to the program.   He said that he would do everything within his power "not to touch Social Security, to leave it the way it is".  
Today, CNN has reported that Trump has named Tom Leppert, former major of Dallas and a well known proponent of privatizing Social Security, to the "landing team" for the SSA.  (For the CNN article click here.)  "Landing teams" are groups designated by presidents elect to interact with federal agencies in helping to set up the government after the new President is sworn into office.
Other news sources have also reported that other well know anti Social Security activists are at Trump Tower actively working to wreck the SSA an its programs.    Here is a list of these other right wing policy makers who also have a long history of hostility towards Social Security:
  • Mike Korbey, former senior advisor to the principal deputy commissioner in George W. Bush’s SSA.
  • Former Reagan SSA commissioner Dorcas Hardy.
  • Former SSA Inspector General Patrick O’Carroll.
  • Former SSA General Counsel David Black.
Korbey is an ultra conservative who falsely claims that Social Security is “broken and bankrupt.” He was part of a group called United Seniors Association that favored Bush’s Social Security failed privatization plan.